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Canister/Barrel Turning

These canisters, large or small, are often seen in Jiuzhaigou. Believers spin small ones all the way wherever they go. Large ones are fixed in the hallway of the temple or monastery, and inside the canister are religious scriptures. For one single trip, believe will have to spin all the canisters or barrels once while murmuring chants. One turn of the canister or barrel equals 100 times of religious chanting, and as result, their merits and virtues multiply. In Jiuzhaigou too, there is a water spinning wheel which is turned by the force of water all day and night. In addition, to above ways, believers can walk circling around the temple, Buddhist pagoda, Buddhist Hall, and sacred mountain once or even hundreds of times. This activity is easy and can be done at any time and anywhere. It is believed to be a finest way to accumulate your merits and virtues, therefore, a special ritual among Tibetan believers for a long time.

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